What are online lottery numbers? Basic gameplay for new players

What are online lottery numbers? Basic gameplay for new players

Online lottery numbers is a form of lottery betting that is not too new but has attracted the attention of many bettors. With this form, you will choose a pair of beautiful numbers and bet on them for the day. When winning, the amount of money players receive is also very generous, you will definitely earn a lot of money.
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What are online lottery numbers?

Online lottery numbers are a form of betting based on traditional lottery results, but players participate in betting online on websites or mobile applications. In this game, everyone must choose the last number of the special prize of the day’s lottery series.

The lottery results will be based on the lottery results of the regions, so you need to choose exactly the lottery numbers for that day and the region you play in.

How to participate in the lottery is as follows:

  • Players choose the numbers they predict will appear in the lottery results.
  • Bet a certain amount on the selected numbers.
  • If the predicted numbers are winning, the player will receive a bonus according to the house’s prescribed rate.


  • Convenience: Players can participate anytime, anywhere in any location as long as they have an internet-connected device.
  • Diversity: There are many different types of lottery betting to choose from.
  • High reward rate: Some lottery bookmakers have higher reward rates compared to Traditional lottery.

The most popular types of lottery numbers today

Currently, there are many types of online lottery games for people to choose from such as:

Play head to tail

This is the most common and popular method and players predict the last 2 numbers of the special prize in the 3 lottery results of the North – Central – South region. Online lottery bookmakers often offer attractive reward rates of 1:99. Even though it’s quite difficult to win, there are still many players participating. This way of playing requires predicting one of the 4 pairs of numbers of the 7th prize of XSMB or possibly predicting the 8th prize of XSMN and XSMT.

Thread 3 pins – 4 pins

Playing 3-digit – 4-digit requires the player to accurately predict the last 3 to 4 numbers of the special prize. All three regions, North, Central and South, have this way of playing the lottery with attractive payouts:

  • Win the 3-digit lottery: Bonus ratio 1:960.
  • Win 4-digit lottery: Bonus ratio 1:8880.

For example, if you bet 10,000 VND on a 3-card number and win, you will receive 9,600,000 VND. If you win 4 claws, you can receive 88,800,000 VND.

The first number is silent, the last number is silent

Number of mute heads:

“Dumb first” usually refers to the first number of a number that the player feels unlucky and does not want to play. If a number is preceded by a silent number, it means players should avoid playing that number on the assumption that it will not appear in the result.
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Silent numbers:

“Dumb tail” usually refers to the last number of a number that the player feels unlucky and does not want to play. Bettors avoid playing numbers with silent endings in the hope that they will not appear in the results.

Instructions for playing online lottery correctly

If you want to experience online lottery numbers, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the official link of the reputable online lottery house that the player chooses and register for a member account.

Step 2: Next, deposit money into your account to have some starting capital to participate in betting.

Step 3: Select the “Lottery” section displayed on the main interface of that house page.

Step 4: Choose the lottery game you are interested in and bet on forms such as head-to-head betting, lottery betting, lotto betting, 3-card – 4-card lottery,…

Step 5: After placing a successful bet, wait for the lottery station to announce the results to check if you won or not. In case of winning, the system will automatically add the bonus to your account. On the contrary, if the prediction is wrong, the system will deduct the amount previously bet.

Tips for playing online lottery effectively and optimally for newbies

Online lottery is a form of entertainment that attracts many participants, especially in online lottery. However, to win this game, everyone needs appropriate skills and strategies. Here are some basic tips to help players increase their chances of winning when playing online lottery:

  • Bet at a reputable house because this is the most important factor that determines the safety and transparency of the game. People should prioritize choosing a bookmaker with a legal operating license, safe payment system, high security mode and professional customer support service.
  • There are many different prediction methods such as: Predicting according to special prizes, predicting according to the five elements, predicting according to memory,… Therefore, players should research and test different methods to find out. method that best suits you.
  • Set a limit on the amount of money you bet each day and stick to it, avoid swinging your hands too much or trying to recover when you lose a bet.
  • There are many effective strategies for playing lottery numbers that you should learn such as: betting on multiples, playing lottery, playing lottery numbers, etc. Therefore, players need to learn and choose strategies that suit their goals and objectives. your financial capabilities.


Above is general information Kubet About online lottery numbers, characteristics and how to play this game that Kubet wants to share today. If you are interested in the game of betting and closing numbers, you can consider participating and choosing to bet. Don’t forget to refer to the tips above to improve your chances of winning!

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