What is Half a Handicap? How to Calculate Wins and Losses?

What is Half a Handicap? How to Calculate Wins and Losses?

What does it mean to accept half of one goal? is a question from many bettors when participating in Asian handicap betting. To understand detailed knowledge about this handicap ratio, please refer to the analysis below on the sports page. Trang chủ New88.

What does it mean to accept half a ball?

Half to one handicap is a betting ratio that reflects the difference in strength of two clubs/national teams in a football match. At that time, the representative in the upper position will be forced to win against the opponent in order for the investors to bring themselves profits.

On the trading floor, this bet is denoted as 0.75, 3/4 or 0.5/1 or 0.5-1. The meaning of the house setting a handicap is to balance the strength of the two clubs in the match. Then the player will apply the following calculation to determine win or loss at this ratio:

  • The team that is rated stronger will have 0.75 goals deducted from the result.
  • On the contrary, the favorite team gets 0.75 goals added to the score.

According to experts who analyze the half-one-shot handicap, this ratio will be given by the bookmaker in matches where there is a relatively significant difference in strength between the two teams. Therefore, bettors need to pay attention to every detail about the performance information and strength of both sides to make the most accurate pre-match decisions.

How to read the half-one-shot handicap for newbies

When participating in the 0.75 handicap betting type, bettors will pay attention to how to read the winning or losing bet according to the following instructions from experts:

  • Bet on handicap team 0.75:
    • The player bet is profitable with enough money if the club can win against the opponent from a minimum difference of 2 goals.
    • Players earn half the profit when the team wins with a difference of exactly 1 goal against the opponent.
    • In other situations, investors lose enough money.
  • Below +0.75:
    • Investors bring in enough profit if the team does not lose in the confrontation.
    • When the match results in a loss of 1 goal in favor of the club, the bettor loses with 50% of the capital invested.
    • If the result of the confrontation has a loss of more than 2 goals belonging to the team, the investor loses all the money.

KWhat is the handicap of half a goal – how to calculate the money

To calculate the profit or loss of a bet when participating in a 0.75 handicap bet, the bettor will need to base it on the payout rate offered by the house. Next, based on the yin and yang status of the Odds level, players will apply the following formula from New88 experts to calculate money as follows:

  • When the payout ratio status is positive (>0):
    • Bet returned with full profit = Money spent by player * Odds.
    • If the defensive bet is calculated to win half the money, then the capital return = Money spent * ½ * Odds.
    • When the match has a losing result, the investor loses all his money.
    • If it is calculated to lose half the money, the bettor brings back 50% of the initial capital and loses 50% of the capital to the house.
  • When the payout rate status is negative (<0):
    • Investors, when calculated enough, will bring in total profit = Total capital spent.
    • If the player bets half, the total actual profit received = Total capital / 2.
    • When the player loses half, the amount lost is calculated = Initial total amount * Odds * 1/2.
    • If the player bet loses enough, the lost capital is calculated = Total bet * Odds.

What are the things to keep in mind when playing a half-one-shot handicap?

Below the following Sports section, let’s review with experts the things that need to be grasped when playing half-and-half handicap to increase your chances of winning:
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The performance of both sides is always considered the most important factor that bettors need to pay attention to when participating in soccer betting, especially at the rate of 0.75. Accordingly, experts advise players to learn about both sides’ recent rankings, winning and losing performance points, even the G/A difference,…

Thanks to the above information, new bettors can evaluate the difference in actual level between the two teams at the present time. Then comparing with the ratio of 0.75, the bettor can make the most accurate pre-match choice.

History of confrontation

Previous meeting achievements are the most accurate measure for investors to choose to invest in with a handicap ratio of 0.75. Accordingly:

  • If you notice that a handicap team has a lot of superiority over its opponent in past head-to-head achievements, choosing a handicap club will be the most optimal option to bet money on the handicap.
  • On the contrary, when the handicapped team rarely has to admit defeat, bettors should now pay more attention to the handicapped team to bet on money.

We have just looked at the article on decoding odds What does it mean to accept half of one ball? from leading sportsbook betting experts New88. Thank you for your interest and see you again in the next article

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